Wednesday, 23 April 2014

First Best Friend.

She might steal his banana. And he might ram into her with his ride-on. But these two, they're as thick as thieves. They were born just days apart and have been together since a few months old, both being babies & toddlers in sync with one another. Bella is Granny & Papa's dog and John's best pal. She may not be a fan of FaceTime with John and he sure as hell doesn't like sharing his dummy with her but when they're together, you can bet that they'll be side by side.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Living Arrows 16/52.

Always curious. Always poking at things he shouldn't or more recently, running places he's not meant to. This weekend he had a real life lesson though: Poking stones through the fence on a bridge (photo above) generally equals, okay. Running up too a pen with two angry geese in will result in hissing, squawking & inevitability, crying as well. So the lesson? Don't upset the geese. (And listen to Mummy when she tells you not to run up to a pen full of birds!).
living arrows

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter, folks. This year we've had a special visitor - the boy's very own Easter bunny! I made this cuddly little rabbit for them from some old sleepsuits that they'd both outgrown, in practice for a new project I'm working on (more on that later in the year). And this particular bunny brought a little basket & an Easter egg hunt tailored to a 2 year old.

John was in his absolute element searching around the house for all his chocolate eggs, beaming with pride each time he found one. He wasn't so impressed after eating a couple when I took the basket away, knowing he'd happily eat the entire lot before lunchtime, if I let him. He did however happily give Easter bunny to David to make him feel better about the whole not-being-able-to-eat-chocolate-yet thing he's got going on.

Sleep #4.

You mean to tell me that babies are meant to sleep? Lies I tell you, lies! Babies don't sleep. Did you think that parents stayed up until 4am for the fun of it? That bags under our eyes was a fashion statement? But seriously - sleep seems to be the number one thing that new parents hope for when they bring that little squishy bundle home and then the most talked about topic amongst new parents, who in reality forgot what sleep was after day 5. Here's the final of the Kiddicare Sleep Infographics to not only help you get your little one too sleep but also reassure you that you're not the only parent driving around at 4am trying to settle an overtired newborn.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Papa's Nawr.

My Dad's mission in life is to be a cartoon character. For over 30 years he was Fireman Sam, whilst simultaneously helping to build Sunflower Valley as Bob The Builder, and more recently he's become Postman Pat. However the one he'll forever be most known for [despite retiring from the fire service last year] is Fireman Sam.

John has recently become obsessed with Pontypandy's greatest hero (he's actually napping in his new Fireman Sam t-shirt from Granddad as I type this) so when his Papa suggested going to see his old "nawr" (aka. fire engine) John was obviously more than happy to oblige. So on Wednesday morning after a bus & train journey too my sunny home town, we headed to the local fire station where my Dad used to work so John could see the "nawr" up close. And despite being a little apprehensive at first, he was soon exclaiming "Papa's nawr!" over & over. He was even lucky enough to try out the hose and have a shot of sitting in the drivers seat. One happy little fire fighter!

Fun fact for you. Did you know the actual Fireman Sam (yes, it was definitely him) came to my 5th birthday party?


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