Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tumblr, Sons of Anarchy & Working #littleloves

I've been getting back into Tumblr this past week. Diddle Diddle Dumpling actually started up on Tumblr away back when and since moving over blogger I kind of lost interest in Tumblr. Recently though I've been back on, addicted once more; endlessly scrolling through and loving having another outlet to reblog photos, ramble nonsense & post things that I wouldn't otherwise share on a parenting blog. My favourite thing about Tumblr though (aside from reading & following all my favourite Tumblr-ers) is the anonymity!

Sons Of Anarchy! Ive got a bit of an obsession going on. We're into Season 5 now and I'm going to be devastated when we get to the very end. Plus I'm kind of in love with Ryan Hurst (Opie) and I stupidly read spoilers for this season, so I know I'm in for an emotional time!

Otherwise I've been watching a lot of TLC - love me some trash TV, especially Extreme Couponing, Say Yes To The Dress & Breaking Amish.

Oh and John has developed an unhealthy obsession with Topsy & Tim at the moment. From the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed, he's constantly asking for it to be put on.

I'm now working full time again, so I'm basically in a cycle of work clothes, pyjamas, work clothes pyjamas... But I actually bought myself some new pyjamas a few weeks back and these Coca Cola ones were just made for me!

A photo posted by Amy Lorimer (@amylorimer) on

"I got bills, I gotta pay!" This has kind of become my theme tune at work with people commenting that it's 'Amy's song' when it comes on the radio. Honestly, I'm not even that fussed for it but whenever it comes on it gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

I did make some enchiladas at the beginning of the week but otherwise I've not made very much. I'm still very much adapting to working full time with two kids (hence the recent radio silence) so I've been relying on Iain to make most of our meals. And any other creative plans have been put in the back burner for now.

Thank you hanging about whilst things have been a bit quiet here lately. These past few weeks I've been coming home & falling asleep on the couch and spending my days off trying to entertain two ever more demanding toddlers & maintain a house in need of some good TLC. I'm starting to get a bit more of a routine, as well as putting together a blogging schedule, so hopefully things will be back to normal service again soon.


Monday, 15 June 2015

Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird

Toddler at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.
Kids activity pack at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnard.Animals from kids activity pack at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.
Toddler at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.

When John was wee, we ate out a lot. Be it lunches 'just because' or coffee shops to pass the time, nearly every other day you'd find us out & about wining & dining. Then David came along. Bless him, it's not his fault he'll never truly know the pleasure in abandoning the house work and letting someone else do the dishes (partly because we don't really eat out any more but mostly because y'know, he's a baby...) but eating out with two wee ones is a whole different kettle of fish than eating out with just the one.

So when we were asked if we'd like to go along to try out the new Frankie & Bennys at Fort Kinnaird, I was a little apprehensive. Despite it making me all nostalgic of the old Frankie & Bennys that we used to visit at the Fort back when I was a child, I still had flash back of the times I had tried to eat out with two wee ones and those memories are not particularly happy ones that I care to repeat any time soon! That being said, I figured that they're both a bit bigger now and it might not be as bad as my permanently scarred mind recalls. Plus I've been desperate to try out some of the restaurants at the newly updated Fort Kinnaird so this was the perfect excuse!

Upon arriving at Frankie & Benny's we were met by a lovely guy who sorted us out with a table. We were sat right up the back by the kitchen, which John absolutely loved and it gave us plenty room to keep the buggy out the way. We did have a wobbly table but I think this is a curse of mine as it seems to happen everywhere I go! Our waitress was a lovely young girl who was very attentive throughout our visit, making sure the boys got their activity packs & that we were quickly sorted out with drinks.

The boys obviously chose their meals from the Kids Menu but in the interest of time, I chose from the Pronto Menu. I believe the Pronto Menu is for those in a hurry with the option of having your food & bill all within 40 minutes; perfect for those eating during lunch breaks or trying to make it to the cinema on time. But I liked it because it meant we weren't sat around waiting for food with two kids becoming increasingly impatient. You also get free refills on drinks, which despite being Diet Pepsi & not Diet Coke (I know, I know... I'm a Diet Coke snob!) is still pretty awesome!

Bacon Cheeseburger at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.
Kids Sausage & Mash at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.
Kids Penne Pasta with Cheese Sauce at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.

I opted for the Bacon Cheeseburger (£7.95) from the Pronto Menu which comes with a good portion of chips and a delicious pot of tomato-chilli chutney. The burger itself was beautiful; so meaty & so juicy! And the salad inside it was lovely & fresh. The chips were also lovely, crispy and very fresh, which I was quite pleased about as I'm not a fan of soggy chips. My favourite part though was the tomato-chilli chutney! I love making my own chutney but this one is just exceptional - so tasty that I was even tempted to lick the pot clean.

John decided on the Sausages & Mash Potatoes (£4.25) which there was no way on this earth he'd ever have been able to finish. I kid you not, the sausages were the length of his arms; and there was two of them! The sausages themselves were lovely and didn't taste cheap & nasty which some sausages - especially those aimed at kids - can be. And to my surprised John did manage to eat a whole one, although after that he could only manage a few mouthfuls of mash potatoes, which was also lovely & very creamy, and his vegetables before saying he had a full tummy.

For David I chose the Kids Penne Pasta (£4.25) with a creamy cheese sauce. Again, the portion was massive but to be honest I wasn't quite as impressed. The sauce itself was quite bland; more of a white sauce with a very, very mild cheese maybe thrown in. Even a sprinkling of cheese on top would have helped perk it up a bit. That being said, David devoured it! In fact, I'm quite sure he would have finished the plate but I had to cut him off after a while as I had visions of him eating himself sick.

Banana Milkshake at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.
Cinnamon Crunch Waffles at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.
Ice Cream Candy Shop at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.
Ice Cream Candy Shop at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.

Despite feeling stuffed, we decided to go ahead and order dessert too. In the interest of giving a fair review, obviously! Not just because I'm a pie. We started with a brilliant Banana Milk Shake (£3.95) which the 3 of us practically fought over! It was so creamy & lovely - I'd go back to Frankie & Bennys again just to have milkshakes, really.

For myself I opted for the Cinnamon Waffle Crunch (£2.50) from the Pronto Menu. I'm a big fan of waffles & these did not disappoint. The ice cream lovely too, really creamy & beautifully topped with toffee crunch & toffee sauce. Best of all though, was the price!

And for the boys we went for the Ice Cream Candy Shop (additional £1.95), which I'd been eyeing up from the minute we first looked at the menus. It's two scoops of ice cream, 3 little bottles of sweeties, as well as marshmallows & popping candy, as well as some chocolate sauce for good measure! Basically any sweet-toothed child (or adult for that matter) dream! When the tray of goodies was placed down on our table, suddenly John's tummy wasn't full any more and two hands were grabbing at it, making getting a photo near impossible - which did make the staff & other patrons giggle.

Two toddlers at Frankie & Benny's Fort Kinnaird.

Overall we were very impressed with our visit to Frankie & Benny's at Fort Kinnaird. The staff were lovely & very attentive and the food was fantastic, especially given the price. We will definitely be back again since we're just down the road from Fort Kinnaird and that it's the perfect location for a day out shopping or going to the cinema, with a stop at Frankie & Bennys for dinner or tea.

Disclaimer: We were provided a voucher for our meal for the purpose of this review.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Vlog Stars #2 - A Few of My Favourite Things

Another instalment of Vlog Stars! Who'd have thought I'd keep up a linky for more than one round, especially one that involves vlogging? But I had so much fun doing last months Vlog Stars video that I decided to get involved again this month. I never thought I'd enjoy vlogging as much as I am but I'm really pleased with how this one has turned out.

The topic of this months Vlog Stars is A Few of My Favourite Things. The aim is to name three favourite things from 20 topics in under 3 minutes; I have cheated a little though! And if you do like this video then be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel & give the video a thumbs up too. But without further adieu, here is my video for June's Vlog Stars!

• • •

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blair Drummond Safari Park

Blair Drummond Safari Park sea lion show
Blair Drummond Safari Park sea lion show
Blair Drummond Safari Park sea lion show
Blair Drummond Safari Park elephant
Carousel at Blair Drummond Safari Park
Lemur at Blair Drummond Safari Park
Lemur at Blair Drummond Safari Park
John & David at Blair Drummond Safari Park
Giraffes at Blair Drummond Safari Park
John digging at Blair Drummond Safari Park
Dodgems at Blair Drummond Safari Park
Funfair at Blair Drummond Safari Park
Funfair at Blair Drummond Safari Park

A couple of weeks back we packed up the car and headed towards Stirling for a wee day on safari. We've been twice before with John (see here & here) but this was David's first experience of getting up close & personal with the animals. Things didn't get off to a good start with David falling in the car & busting his lip open (cue lots of tears & lots of blood!) but once he'd calmed down, we set to exploring Blair Drummond Safari Park and all it has to offer, with one fat lipped little boy & his over-excited big brother.

The actual drive through part is currently a bit boring but with them opening a new monkey drive through soon, I think it'll be much more fun next time around. That being said there's still plenty to do, from the Sea Lion show which both boys loved, to all the various fairground rides which John spent the entire day wanting to go back to. John loved seeing the Marmosets & Lemars running around freely & David was amazed by the Penguins & Monkeys, pressing his face right up against their windows to get a closer look! Me though? Well as always, I loved the donkeys!

David at Blair Drummond Safari Park


Monday, 1 June 2015

The Magic Fairy Door

Review of yellow The Magic Fairy Door
Review of yellow The Magic Fairy Door

I'll let you in on a secret... I believe in faeries. Just ask my Mum, she'll tell you all about the countless fairy ornaments, the houses made from twigs at the bottom of our garden, the Fairy Tale - A True Story video that I practically watched to death, the numerous dog-eared Flower Fairy books and even the fairy climbing wall I made too (child logic, right there!). Even now, I'm still pretty certain they exist. I mean, who else would do the tooth fairy's duties?

So when The Magic Door Store got in touch to see if we'd like to try out one of their Fairy Doors, I jumped at the chance! For the boys, obviously. Not just for me...definitely not just for me. As we're in a flat, access to our garden to go hunting for fairies isn't as easy as it was 'back in my day' so the Magic Fairy Door brings the magic of fairy hunting right into your own home. And despite having two boys, I will most certainly be sharing the magic of building twig houses, leaving cake crumbs & pink lemonade out, and staying very quiet as not to scare the fairies away, regardless!

I of course chose the yellow one but The Magic Fairy Door is also available in Red, Blue, Pink, Green & Purple. Best of all, each door comes with it's very own supply of Magic Dust to show that the fairies & elves have been and visited! What kid wouldn't love to wake up to that?

We started off by placing the boys new Magic Fairy Door in their room on the sly, with both being very intrigued when they discovered it. I was a bit worried about placing it at first, thinking it would need to be glued on which wouldn't be ideal in rented accommodation like ours but it is in fact secured with white tac, meaning it's secure enough to stay in place but not permanently fixed. Plus the nice little message of, "Please don’t handle The Magic Fairy Door roughly, or it might frighten the fairies away," means you can even convince your wee ones not to pull it off! The door doesn't actually open either so it's quite nice knowing that you don't have to explain why there's a wall behind it (which obviously there isn't) and it means the likes of David can't break it off completely.

After a little chatting about the fairies, John seemed a bit apprehensive about something coming out whilst he sleeps, being the sensitive wee soul he is. But once Iain told him that the fairies would come out and bite his willy whilst he slept, it was game over and time to move the door! (Thanks, Iain...). So now our Magic Fairy Door has pride of place in our hall, which in actual fact I prefer as it means I the boys can show it to everyone that comes to visit us. And John isn't so worried about losing his willy, especially since the fairy might bring him a car if he's particularly good.

At £20, the Magic Fairy Door would make a lovely gift for any wee boys or girls with an imagination like mine! You can even buy a step ladder for the fairies to get in (similar logic to my fairy climbing wall, that is!).

Review of yellow The Magic Fairy Door

Disclaimer: We were kindly send The Magic Fairy Door for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts are our own.



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