Thursday, 26 March 2015

Everything is Awesome!

Diddle Diddle Dumpling | Everything is Awesome | Review of Lego from George at Asda |

There's been an obsession brewing in our household. One which I think it common in most houses that home children. It started with a movie, one which features a whole lot of Lego! John seen it randomly on the TV one day and was hooked, with Iain even buying him the DVD for Christmas. Since then, anything he sees that's Lego related, he wants! So when we were asked to review some toys for George at Asda, it seemed like fate that John finally got some Lego of his very own!

I was surprised with just how many Lego sets were available at George; there online collection is outstanding, with over 270 to choose from! Knowing that I wanted the basics of Lego to start of what I have no doubt will end up as a growing collection, I opted for a couple of the classic sets (this one & this one), as well as a Lego Movie set which contained the all famous Emmet & must soul sister cat, Unikitty. And knowing that David is still just a bit too young for Lego (I don't fancy picking it out his poop, that is!) I also opted for a couple of Duplo sets, which one of which was unfortunately out of stock before the order was processed, although already having a decent collection of Duplo in our house, it wasn't a big deal.

Our Lego & Duplo arrived quickly and well packaged, delivered by Yodel. Having had awful experiences with Yodel in the past (think; parcels delivered to us at not only wrong house numbers but completely wrong street too, then being asked by Yodel to re-deliver them ourselves!), this did surprise me somewhat but it appears there's a new driver in our area now working with Yodel who was really quite lovely. The parcel itself as well packaged & organised and also contained a copy of the latest George catalogue and a Lego Big Ideas book, which John has already insisted I build everything from for him; a nice wee free inspiration inducing touch.

I let he boys loose with the Duplo Farm Animals first, thinking we'd have some nice shared playing before letting John get stuck in with the Lego when David was napping. But no, seeing as these two are Worst Friends & Best Enemies, that didn't quite go to plan! David was allowed only one animal whilst John snaffled the rest away. But really, I can't blame him, they're beautiful wee animals that don't deserve David's teething jaws around their heads! The set includes a wee white rabbit, a goat, a pig & a lovely little sheep, the perfect companions to our other Duplo animals.

As for the Lego, John couldn't contain his excitement when he seen it, particularly his own little Emmet. Seeing him grasp that little construction guy made me all excited for the years of Lego building & amazing creations that are to come, as well as belt out my very own spectacular rendition of Everything is Awesome. We started by putting together his Lego Movie set, including the double decker couch, followed by making various cars, dinosaurs and random creations. I was really pleased by the Classic sets as the offer such a variety of bricks & really are fantastic starting points for putting together a Lego collection. The only thing I didn't expect was just how upset John would get when something breaks, although we're working on understanding the point of Lego being that you can rebuild them

Overall I'm over the moon with our Lego & Duplo sets from George and I can't recommend them enough. In fact, I will most certainly be heading there for more sets in the near future and I'm pretty sure they'll be my first choice of birthday present ideas for both the boys and all the other children in our lives. Oh and in case you're wondering, yes I have already stood on numerous Lego bricks - ouch!

Diddle Diddle Dumpling | Everything is Awesome | Review of Lego from George at Asda |


Monday, 23 March 2015

Worst Friends & Best Enemies

Diddle Diddle Dimpling | Worst Friends & Best Enemies | On sibling rivalry & constant bickering |
Diddle Diddle Dimpling | Worst Friends & Best Enemies | On sibling rivalry & constant bickering |

I always wanted sons. I came from a family of girls so as well as having my fair share of all things pink, Barbie & the rest of the stereotypical 'girly' things; I've also had my fair share of sister rivalry, bitching & arguments over every little insignificant thing. Boys are more straight forward. They're either getting along or they're beating the living daylights out of each other.

Having never grown up with boys, this whole violent-living is new to me (except for that time my big sister threw me out our bedroom & broke my toe - hiyaz Kirtsy!). Thing is, at only 3 & 1, I thought we had a few more years ahead of us before the punching, kicking & quite literally sitting on one another. But oh no, at only 3 & 1, these two boys can already fight like the worst of enemies. All it takes is for David to glance in John's direction whilst he's lining up his cars and John will be up in his face, screaming and shouting, whilst pushing his little brother to the ground, promptly sitting on him before he can escape.

David is no better. He'll go out of his way to upset John; be it ruining his line-up of cars, stealing his food the minute his back is turned or jumping on him & pulling his hair when he's trying to sleep on the couch (that one really annoys me too!). There's been hair pulling, biting, scratching, hitting with remote controllers, pushing into furniture... I feel like these days I'm now spending way too much of our days breaking up squabbles, with at least one boy inconsolably screaming by the end of it.

I'm exhausted. As a parent you learn to deal with the screaming but I'm now I'm faced with the decision of when to interfere and when the right time is to stand back & let them get on with it? It's not like it's unfair fight, given that John's pretty small & David's pretty big, with them actually weighing exactly the same. Of course, if one is genuinely getting hurt or being obviously unfair to the other, then I'll step in. But I'm already finding that I can't fight every battle for these boys, even those between themselves.

And going by what their Daddy has to say about growing up in a house of boys, it's not something they're going to overcome just yet. In fact, it's going to get a hell of a lot worse and a lot more physical before there's any improvement on the fighting front. Basically, this is it for the next 15 years at least! To keep my sanity in tack until then though, I'll keep photos of them playing nicely close by; just as a reminder that they can be the best of friends too!


Friday, 20 March 2015

Little Loves

Forever failing at selfies.

I feel like I've not read very much this week, despite spending my life scrolling through social media, reading bits here & there. One blog feature I've been reading a lot of lately though is You Baby Me Mummy's Blog Club, for all things blogging related. Lots of great tips for beginners & experts, many of which I'm now trying to apply to Diddle Diddle Dumpling.

The Eclipse, of course! I was originally looking forward to it but after a day at work of being asked countless times if we were selling glasses for the Eclipse (we weren't), to then be told we should and where you could buy them instead, I started to resent the Moon for even making an appearance! But once I mentioned it to John last night and seen just how aware & understanding he was about it, I started looking forward to it again. And first thing this morning he was telling me about the Sun & Moon and how it was going to get dark; although he was also a little concerned he'd have to go back to bed when it did!

Another week of work clothes & pyjamas for me but this week marked an important clothing purchase for the littlest member of our family: David's first shoes! We opted for good old Clarks, as despite their choice of boys shoes not being the best out there, I'm a sucker for their First Shoes service. The shoes we ended up with weren't my first choice but the ones I loved were just too shallow in the heel for first shoes, although I'll be heading back to see if they'll be ok for John instead! Big thank you to Granny & Papa for buying David his first shoes, just like they did John.

I love me a bit of Taylor Swift. Doesn't everyone? Whether they admit it or not... I was a little unsure the first time I heard Style but it's definitely a song I love more & more each time I hear it and it's forever stuck in my head at the moment. I quite like the age John's at as my dancing around singing songs like this is still entertaining & not yet embarrassing!

I've made a few meals this week, including Lasagne, Macaroni & tonight it's Mexican Chicken from the slow cooker, served in tortilla wraps. I might even blog the recipe, depending on how they turn out.

And lastly...
John has grown! At last!! A few weeks back he was suddenly eating 24/7 and sleeping longer too. Grow spurt was our first thought and given how he's suddenly shot up in height, it would seem we were right. And at long last he's out of 18-24 months trousers and into 2-3 years, albeit with a belt. Despite the growth, he's still a wee chap, weighing only 2 stone, which is incidentally the same weight as his little large brother.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Craft

I was never academic but the one subject at school I really didn't suck at was Art & Design. In fact, for many years I thought I'd leave school in pursuit of Art College but after studying it at Advanced Higher, I quickly realised I would grow to resent it if I was in the situation of having to meet deadlines, instead opting to keep my love of Art as purely a hobby. But soon after school, real life kicked in and the time to do anything art-y with rare; then cue kids and time as you know it is rare full stop.

So when the great guys over at Joe Blogs got in touch to see if I'd like to come to their 'Crafternoon' with Hillarys in Glasgow, I jumped at the chance! A child-free day, with cakes & real, actual time to craft something lovely? You would do the same. So off I popped to Weegieland (at the lovely Butterfly & Pig, no less!) and prepared myself for a day of sewing, cake and chatting with fellow bloggers.

Photo stolen from Elise.

There's something particularly nice about being in the company of other bloggers, I think perhaps because no one bats an eyelid at the fact you photograph every little thing you're doing and no one takes offence when you send a tweet mid-conversation. Some bloggers I'd met before at previous Joe Blogs events (which you can read about here & here), including the lovely Elise who I was nervous to be sitting beside, given the amazing creations she shares over on her own blog. But as always, she was great company and we even set up our creations for a wee photo too.

The aim of the day was to create a notebook cover & a wee stuffed bird, both from the range of fabrics from Hillarys, with the ladies from The Crafty Hen on hand to help. Having not really hand sewn anything in years, I was a bit rusty but overall I'm pretty pleased with the outcomes, even if my little bird is already chewed by toddlers and looking a little worse for wear! And then there was the cake! Oh my deary me. That cake was immense! Raspberry mascarpone, served on a lovely little vintage style plate. And I ate every last crumb, despite my stomach nearly exploding!

All in all, it was a lovely day. Great company, fantastic cake and a chance to get my craft back on, with two excited faces on my arrival home. Now, I just need to try and find a bit more time to finish crafting that little rabbit I started sewing the boys in 2014. Maybe I'll have some more cake first though...

See what Hillarys have to say about the craft roadshow over on their blog. Not only did they come to Glasgow but they also headed all over the UK to craft with a whole host of bloggers. That's a lot of sewing...and a lot of cake!


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Biggest Little

Dear John, When did you stop being a toddler & start being an actual grown up, independent kid? My little sausage, the way you view the world these days is nothing short of amazing. You're so aware, pointing out the things we would otherwise not notice; from the Police Station sign looking like a checkered race flag, too the fact your Skittles have a "number one" on them...even if sometimes you don't get them quite 100% right!

And the questioning, oh the questioning! You have both Daddy & I demented most days. You want to know, to understand everything. This means we're faced with lots of, "what's that?", "where they going?", and your absolute favourite, "what's their name?" On a daily, perhaps even hourly basis, I find myself telling you that you're like a broken record! Something, like many other things, you often repeat back to us. The fact that you tell David he's a, "wee devil," & "a pest," and that when he poos he's a, "stinker," & that it's, "disgusting," just goes to show that you hear everything! But most of all I love that we can now hold actual conversations. You tell me all about your days at nursery, you can run me through all the names of the characters in Cars and what they do, ("Mater go backwards, Lightening go fast, Francesco go super fast, Holly fly...") and you're always the first to tell on your little brother should he be doing something he's not meant to.

You're also full of cheek. And attitude! There's no ounce of patience in you either. When you want something you'll do all you can to get it. From telling me your bike is broken because you liked the look of another one in the shop, to then saying that your bike isn't actually yours but in fact David's, in another attempt to get that new bike you oh-so want. And when you realise you're not getting it, all hell breaks loose!

But you're a shy wee soul too. I see myself at that age in you. Desperate to try new things but hesitant to do so without the reassuring hand of your Mummy, Daddy or Granny. Despite your otherwise constant questioning & often sounding like a broken record, it takes you a good amount of time to come out your shell around those who aren't familiar. And God forbid we're anywhere with someone in a costume; it's enough to reduce you into what I can only describe as a panic attack. It's not nice to witness but with lots of talking and reassurance you are getting a little better and can manage to be in a large room with one as long as they stay at one end and you're at the other. You've also got a fear of monkeys being in beds after a rather traumatic nightmare whilst we were away over Hogmanay. Again we're dealing with it but you're still very wary about being in unfamiliar beds on your own.

In other big news, you're now sleeping in your own big bed, all night & nappy free. So many big milestones that appeared to happen all at once. We've also finished breastfeeding now, just a week after your 3rd birthday, I knew it was time so one night we decided you were a big boy and didn't need it any more; you never questioned it, aside from asking if David would still have "Mummy's mocks." And you've never asked again since, which I'm so glad for, as despite me missing those moments from time to time, it shows you really were ready.

Love you always, Mummy



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