Monday, 14 July 2014

Living Arrows 28/52.

I am one of 3 sisters. No brothers. Even the dog was female in our house. So having two boys brings a whole shed-load of new experiences for me. This week John has been learning to pee standing up (the mess - oh, the mess!). He's also taken to running up to me, pulling his trousers down to expose his bum, blowing raspberries & running away shouting, "John pumped!". And David? Well, he's has discovered he has a willy of his very own. And obviously, this requires great investigation...
living arrows
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Siblings #7.

Toddlers & baby brothers.
They're becoming like Ying & Yang. John is a whirlwind, always on the go, barely stopping to breathe. David is happy to sit & watch the world, taking it all in with ease. John has a temperament like fire, easily angered & tough to calm down. David is always smiling, never phased, even when toys & food are snatched right from his grasp by his tantruming brother. John is always craving attention. David is always happy to give him it. The ying to the others yang.
dear beautiful
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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Plum Greek-style Yogurts.

When we started weaning with John, the thing I found the hardest to get hold of was yoghurt. Of course, there's literally hundreds to choose from but pretty much every yoghurt aimed at kids is loaded with sugar. Our Health Visitor's always recommended natural yoghurt with some fruit purée which is great; when you manage to find a tub of natural yoghurt that isn't low-fat nor like a bucket, & you actually have time to purée a variety of fruit, which when you've chosen to Baby-led Wean kinda defeats the purpose...

So when we were introduced to Plum Greek-style Yogurts for David, I was relieved! No more searching shops for yoghurt that isn't loaded with sugar and already has a bit of flavour to it. The lovely people at Plum sent David 3 flavours to try;
Raspberry, Spinach & Greek-style Yogurt
Mango, Carrot & Greek-style Yogurt
Kale, Apple & Greek-style Yogurt

Like the other Plum products we've previously tried, I was a little dubious of the adventurous flavour combinations but since we've ended up impressed in the past, we dove in and gave them a go. The great thing about Plum is that they use quality organic ingredients and don't add any extra sugar or nasties, so you can rest assured these are much better for your wee one than other popular yoghurt's on the market.

Unfortunately, David disagreed. First impressions were not great. In fact, he spat it back out & started gagging... (oh dear :S) But knowing that it can take a baby up to 10-15 tries to realise they like a new flavour, we tried a few more spoonfuls & popped it in the fridge to try again at the next meal time. Another great plus of Plum pouches is that you can keep them in the fridge for 48 hours after opening.

Our next try with the Plum Greek-style Yogurt was a bit more successful (no gagging!) but David still didn't seem sold on them. By this point I decided to give them a try for myself, starting with the Mango & Carrot variety. I'd expected them to be similar to the Plum mighty4, in that despite the presence of vegetables, the main flavour was of that of the fruit, with only slight undertones of the chosen veg. However the Greek-style Yogurts had a much more obvious and slightly over-powering taste of the veg. So a yoghurt that I'd been expecting to taste of mango, in fact tasted of carrot, with only a slight mango after-taste. Not my idea of appetising, nor David's as it seems.

Now, that being said, I wouldn't not recommend Plum Greek-style Yogurts. As I say, they're definitely a welcome contender on the market of baby-aimed yoghurt's, however given that we Baby-led Wean and David already receives a shed-load of new flavours on a daily basis, I don't think they're the best choice for us. Perhaps a baby who is on purées and is struggling to take-to new, more savoury flavours would enjoy the taste of these particular yoghurt's.

So in the mean time, I'll continue to offer David natural yoghurt but instead of puréeing fruit myself, I'll opt for one of Plums Fruit Purées to save a little time & stress.
**We were sent these yoghurts for the purpose of this review. All thoughts & opinions are our own.**


Friday, 11 July 2014

Maid of The Forth.

I do love Scotland. I've never been able to relate to people when they talk about wanting to emigrate. My heart is in Scotland and in Scotland it will stay. I mean, just look at it? These beautiful places that are right on our door step, that you can even see from our window. You don't get history & wonder like this anywhere else in the world.

Did you know the Forth Rail Bridge is literally being painted all the time? By the time they finish painting it, another coat of paint is already needed. Or so they say.

On Saturday we decided to risk the weather and go on a boat trip from South Queensferry up the Forth. Our mission? To see some puffins! Lord knows why, but John has recently become obsessed with puffins (or as he calls them, "Guffins") and it seemed like a good enough way to spend a Saturday! Aside from Daddy & John getting a bit of cabin fever with one another, it was lovely. And David was so relaxed by the waves that he even fell asleep. We got to go right under the Forth Road & Rail bridge and even around the beginnings of the Queensferry Crossing

And we did see puffins! And seals sunbathing, which John was even more excited about. No dolphins like I'd hoped though... But John did get this new favourite - his, "baby guffin."

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Living Arrows 27/52.

I quite often get a shock with you, my wee potato. I look at you expecting to see a teeny tiny baby; a little wrinkly, squishy bundle of baby-chub. But there you are; a huge, smiley, chatty, determined to be on the move, baby-going-on-teenager. Your babyhood really is flashing before my eyes. I try to stop & take as many moments as possible to just breath you in, to soak it all up. But it's never enough - in the blink of an eye, you've changed again.

I know its normal second-baby syndrome but I do feel a little gutted that there's so much of your life I've already not had time to fully embrace or appreciate. You're becoming mobile, your first tooth is breaking through and you're ever more aware & understanding of the world around you. Each day, that bit more independent. Each day, a little less reliant on your Mummy.

Maybe I'm being nostalgic because of the ever-looming return to work is approaching. You'll soon be joining your brother at nursery and before I know it you'll be walking & talking like him too. Of course, you'll always be my baby but how about we slow things down a little from now on? Or at least give your Mummy a little time to catch up!
living arrows

Love you always, Potato,


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