Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Snuffle Babe Vapour Oil & Rub.
Brace yourselves, folks! David has now started nursery. This means I'm dosing us up on vitamins & counting my available holiday days. If he's going to be anything like his big brother, the next year is going to be filled with cough, after cold, after sniffle (& in turn he will never actually be in nursery...).

There's nothing worse than a choked up wee one. Runny noses, trouble breathing, difficulty eating & not being able to get comfortable enough to sleep - it's the times that every parent dreads. You feel utterly helpless and whilst you do all you can to help, sometimes you need a bit of assistance. That's where Snuffle Babe comes in. When a cold set in, you might just pop a couple of decongestant tablets & get on with life, for wee ones though it's not so straight forward.

The obvious alternative to medicinal decongestants is a Vapour Rub and Snufflebabe have the perfect one for stuffed up wee ones. Whether it's used on the chest & back, or on the soles of the feet with socks (honestly, try it!!), vapour rubs are a tried & tested method of relieving cold symptoms. And the great thing about Snufflebabe is that it's not as eye wateringly strong as the well-known adult alternative, with the lovely combination of eucalyptus oil, menthol and thyme oil, making it is much better suited for wee ones. Plus it's suitable from only 3 months, so worth having on hand for that heart-breaking first cold.

The perfect accompaniment to the Snufflebabe Vapour Rub is the Snufflebabe Vapour Oil. A few drops on a muslin cloth, draped over a heater, or into a bowl of warm water, will give some lovely menthol vapours through the night to help wee ones get a good sleep. I also like to pop a couple of drops onto the boys sleeping bag/blankets when they're particularly stuffed up - just be sure to avoid getting it on pyjamas or wee ones skin, as like all essential oils it may cause irritation. The Snufflebabe Vapour Oil is also designed for use with the Snufflebabe Inhaler Dummy, which lets be honest, is a pretty clever invention!

Snufflebabe have a fantastic range of products for helping you get through the inevitable colds & sniffles that come with wee ones. Along with the Snufflebabe Vapour Rub & Vapour Oil, I can highly recommend the Nasal Aspirator for babies that can't yet blow their noses - something we bought for John before he was even born. In theory, it's pretty disgusting (we even call it the snot sucker!) but boy, does it work! As far as I'm concerned, Snufflebabe are by far the best on the market it terms of cold remedies for wee ones.

Have you tried any of the Snufflebabe range? What is your favourite product?


Monday, 25 August 2014

Living Arrows 34/52.

Toddler John giving baby David a morning kiss.
Gah. These two. Even when I feel like poop & can't speak (thank you, tonsillitis...), they still make me smile. Around this time last year I was hitting the worrisome stage of pregnancy - the part where I wonder if having another baby was actually the best thing for John. Did he really want a baby brother? Did he really want someone to share his Mummy & his cars with? Did he really want someone taking the spotlight away from him?

A year on, I know the answer; Worrying about such things was 100%, without a doubt, completely pointless. A year on and we - especially John - cannot imagine our lives as a family of 3. We're 4 - we've always meant to have been 4. John was always meant to be a big brother and he's taken that role in his stride.

And David, he is the doting little brother. He quite literally hates it when John's not around. God forbid he wakes up from naptime before John, otherwise we're subject to a cranky, moany baby, doing everything in his power to get into his big brothers room. And don't even get me started on those days that John's at nursery without him!

Then, on the week when I'm parenting with no voice, David starts pulling himself up on his cot, ready to greet John in the morning. John of course, is happy to see David so eagerly awaiting him, starting another day as a family of 4, with a kiss & a cuddle. As if my motherly heart could take any more!
living arrows
Until next week,


Friday, 22 August 2014

How're You?

We've hit a huge milestone. Forget smiling, crawling, walking... This one is bigger than them all. It started with the simple first word of, "car." Since then, John's vocabulary has grown at an insane rate. We're even at the stage of repeating & understanding pretty much everything you say to him. But bigger than that; he can now communicate how he feels.

Ok, it doesn't sound like a huge deal but when you've spent the past two & a half years trying to figure out what each cry, each facial expression means, to then have him tell you exactly what he feels, it's a pretty big deal.

It started with a simple, "Mummy, sore mouth," to tell me his teeth were sore (damned molars...). We now get a, "good fun!" after the park & Rhyme Time and even a, "John's not well," when he's feeling ill. Best of all he can even tell us when he's tired & wants to go to bed! Although that doesn't happen as often as I'd like...

With being able to communicate how he feels, he's also starting to pick up on other peoples emotions too, particularly David's. It's so heart warming to see him cuddle his little brother when he's upset & say, "it's ok, Day-bid. Mummy coming." And bring him toys when he's bored saying, "here you go, Day-bid, you have iss." He also picked up on me having tonsillitis after a trip to the doctors earlier this week and was on his best behaviour for his not-so-well Mummy the rest of the week. In fact, he even sees this photo & announces, "happy John there!"

This milestone makes me especially proud, to see my wee 6lbs 12oz baby growing into a walking talking, caring kid. Soppy, proud Mummy post done.

From one proud Mummy,

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Monski Mouse at the Edinburgh Fringe

David at Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall with his Granny.
Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall at the Edinburgh Fringe.
David dancing at Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall.
John dancing at Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall.
There's a few words that we use in Edinburgh that have different meaning to anywhere else in the world. Possibly my favourite is, "festival". According to Buzzfeed, a word that is usually used to describe a weekend filled with music & mud, is in fact, "an entire month spent fighting your way through crowds of people who just won’t leave," in Edinburgh. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; the world's largest arts festival, hosted in Edinburgh for the entire month of August.

For many years I've been a typical local, cursing the Fringe & all the slow-walking tourists it attracts. This year however, we took the opportunity to embrace the Fringe & take the boys to their first ever show. There are some shows aimed just for kids but few that cater to a pre-school audience. This year though, Edinburgh has welcomed Monski Mouse to the party!

On Friday, with Granny in tow, we headed up to George Square Gardens where the Palazzo Spiegeltent was pitched. Monski Mouse is the retro-fabulous-vintage DJ/Producer/Hostess of the Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall. Not only that, she is also a Mum of one with no.2 on the way. But her growing bump certainly didn't get in the way of the show. The Monski Mouse disco we attended was at 11am on Friday - a great time for the wee ones but the show we attended was a little bit quieter than the usual Monski Mouse shows. In retrospect, I think it may be due to the Edinburgh School's now being back after the summer holidays & many parents not being able to bring their wee ones due to Friday school run, being a half day in Edinburgh.

The small crowd didn't hold back Monski Mouse & her two lovely assistances though. They were still ready to rock & roll, impressing the group of wee ones who'd come to dance. John reminds me of myself at his age - quite apprehensive & unsure in big groups of people; this meant it took him a little while to come around to the idea of getting on the dance floor, instead hanging around our table asking for cuddles & his dummy (he usually naps around 11am-12pm too so he was a bit tired as well). David on the other hand was ready to rock!
John playing at the Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall.
John & David playing at Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall.
John pretending to be a pussy cat at Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall.
David crawling at Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall.
The music of the disco was a nice combination of disco-classics & kid orientated songs, including one of John's favourite nursery rhymes, Sleeping Bunnies, which he was more than happy to cuddle into the cushions for & have Mummy bounce him extra high for. Throughout each song, Monski Mouse's assistants were running about, dancing their feet off, encouraging both adults & wee ones to boogy on the dance floor. The also conducted a rather impressive Conga Line, which John was more than happy to join in with.

The Monski Mouse disco is 50 minutes long, so perfect for the wee ones it's aimed for. Both John & David were exhausted by the end and a little grumpy as a result but they seemed really enjoy themselves. I too was absolutely knackered! One person that seemed to have endless energy though, was Monski Mouse herself, even jumping & shaking on the dance floor at the end of the disco, despite her obvious baby bump. One thing's for sure, you wouldn't have caught me dancing like that at that stage of my pregnancies! (Thank you, SPD  hips...).
Monski Mouse at Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall at the Edinburgh Fringe.
Despite the small crowd at the disco we attended, Monski Mouse was a great, energetic morning out. Both boys enjoyed & exhausted themselves and seemed to be more than happy with their first Fringe show experience. And any event that ends in balloons & stickers is a winner in John's books!

For more info on Monski Mouse & her up-coming shows, you can follow her on Facebook & Twitter or check out her official website.
John's pink balloon at Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall.
**We were provided with tickets for the Monski Mouse disco for the purposes of this review. All thoughts & opinions are our own.**

Keep dancing,


Monday, 18 August 2014

Living Arrows 33/52.

This picture pretty much sums up David at present. My usually happy chappy is currently a complete grump! I think it's teething but it could also be to do with the fact his sleep has been rubbish & his nose has not stopped running! Basically, he's just not himself of late.

It's not all bad though! He's now mastered pulling himself up & is starting to take some side-steps towards cruising. It does mean that nothing is safe now but John is very impressed by the fact his little brother is now upright. I'll be more impressed about it when David's happy about it too. And when he's not up every hour of the night. It is Monday, right?
living arrows

Until next week,

P.S. I'm having some issues replying to blog comments at the moment but I am reading & mentally replying to all! Hopefully I'll figure out the problem ASAP & have it fixed sooner rather than later.



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