Saturday, 24 January 2015

Fireman Birthday Party

Fireman Party Invitation
Fireman Party DIY Happy Birthday Banner
Fireman Party DIY Banner

I was torn on this party. It boiled down too two options; a Cars party or a Fireman party. In the end, given the absolute obsession with Fireman Sam & all things Fire Brigade, it was Fireman that we went with. And boy, was John excited! From the moment he spotted one of the invitations, he wouldn't stop talking about his party; as well as telling me what presents he wanted!

But when it came around to it, I wasn't quite as enthusiastic. Having just organised David's Bumble Bee Party, followed by Christmas & just getting back into the routine of life, I was lacking motivation to get organised. In fact, most of the decorations were thrown together the night before! First though there was the invitations, which I still absolutely love. Decorations wise, there was the traditional DIY banner, as seen at all previous birthday parties but this time I went with something a little different with a circle design. Then there was the fire helmet & fire engine banner, made by creating a little stencil of each and simply cutting some card in yellow & red. And to add the the party atmosphere there was lots of red & yellow balloons! I did have plans for tissue paper flames hanging from the ceiling but due to poor planning, I couldn't find any orange tissue paper at the last minute.

And of course, there was the cake! As always, the boys Granny out did herself! Fire engine cakes were always a popular one I remember her making when I was growing up (she's a professional cake maker by the way) but this one was particularly special, having all the details of Pontypandy's very own Jupiter! Plus John was especially pleased to see Sam, Penny, Elvis & Station Officer Steele on his cake too.

John had a lovely time at his party, even if he proved he was definitely his Mummy's son by being extremely unsociable most of the day! To be fair to him though, when you're 3 years old, new toys are way more fun than being a good host.

Fireman Birthday Party Jupiter Fire Engine Cake
Fireman Birthday Party Jupiter Fire Engine Cake
Fireman Birthday Party Jupiter Fire Engine Cake
Fireman Birthday Party Jupiter Fire Engine Cake


Saturday, 17 January 2015

3 Years Today

It's hard to believe. 3 years ago today, I first held you in my arms. 3 years ago today you entered this world and in doing so, made me a mother. 3 years ago today I held you close, breathed you in and promised to always look after you.

My Little Sausage, you may drive me up the wall but you're also what roots me to the ground. With each day you grow, my love for you does too. It feels like you've been with me forever, yet the past 3 years have gone in the blink of an eye. And despite any tough times we've had in these past 3 years, there's a million great memories to top them. Like I said 3 years ago today, and every day since, "I love you my Little Sausage."

Happy Birthday, John Scott.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

So, How Are We?

Exhausted. Bloody exhausted. We've hit a tough age, with both boys. John's mastered communicating with the world & now spends 24/7 asking questions. David is so close to walking & so frustrated at not yet being there. And the thing with both boys is, they literally go from zero to 100mph from the moment they wake up, until the moment they're back asleep again. No pausing, no down time, heck, John doesn't even nap any more!

As well as being little whirlwinds tornadoes, both boys are also going through extremely clingy phases. I can't get up to walk out a room without David having a full blown meltdown and I can't sit on the couch for more than 2 seconds without John climbing on me, insisting I cuddle him & do not move. Any time I try & shower I'm haunted by screams and the fear that they will in fact kick the door down (try explaining that one to the landlord!), it's the same should I dare try and pee solo.

I know, I know... I'd be moaning if it was the other way around, if they didn't want cuddles or to be close to their Mummy. But shit, it's hard work. One clingy child is tough, two constantly attached to your leg, screaming should you mutter the words, "just one minute," well it's unbearable a times. And I feel rotten for feeling like that. But I'm just so bloody exhausted. I long for bedtime. I long for 5 minutes to sit and breathe, without being asked to name every character of Fireman Sam, without being bitten or snotted on...

I get that this comes across as ungrateful. I know there's people out there will think I'm being selfish and should appreciate what I have. And I do. I really, really do. But that doesn't make the 4th wake up of the night any easier. It doesn't stop the stress of a nearly 3 year old out screeching in the supermarket because he can't have a sweetie. And it doesn't help with the guilt of knowing I shouted too much today, or that I know I'll be asking if it's bedtime before lunchtime tomorrow.

Obviously, I know this is just a phase. That soon John will be rushing off to ask other people 21 questions, that soon David will be walking & it'll be in the direction away from me. And I know the sleepless night will end one day (please be sooner rather than later!). Until then, expect a loud sigh and "bloody exhausted" when you ask how we are.

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Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year Resolutions

Love them or loathe them, you can't escape them right now. Be in dieting, getting fit, quitting that bad seems like everyone is giving New Years Resolutions a go. I personally always set myself some but with the point of keeping them realistic and achievable - and strictly no dieting! If I'm not going to do that the rest of the year, what's the point in kidding myself that I will in January! Anyway, here's my New Years Resolutions for 2015. We're now over a week in and so far, so good!

• • •

Take Diddle Diddle Dumpling to the next level. I love this wee blog of mine, I really do. But recently I've felt like I'd lost my direction, feeling it was a burden & not something I wanted to devote the time & passion too that I used to. I did consider letting it run its course and fizzle out but after a bit of thought I realised that wasn't what I truly wanted and after a break of over Christmas I'm ready to get back in the blogging habit. I'm quite sure it will mean a perhaps change in direction but fingers crossed it works out as great as I'm hoping it will!

Continue to work on my photography, in particular editing. This was a resolution I set my self last year and I'm pleased to say I haven't resorted back to the auto settings on my camera since! I'm still very much learning but I'm getting there. One thing that I notice is that there's lots of room for improvement with though is my photo editing. It was something I used to do a lot of back in High School but there's some significant differences in editing photos to be 'emo', than there is to editing photos of your kids. I'll be following Emily Beale's Photo Clinic and will hopefully see my photos improvement through 2015 as a result.

Pay off as much of my debts as possible. In 2014 I set the same resolution and I did pretty well, especially considering that for most of the year I was relying on Statutory Maternity Pay to get by. That being said, the return to work, alongside now paying two lots of nursery fees did mean the credit card got used a little more often than I would have hoped. This year I'll be continuing to make as a big a dent in my debts are possible, including working as much overtime as possible & living a frugally as I can (hello, slow cooker!), whilst taking steps towards saving for a wedding in the next few years.

Get my vlog on! 2014 seen us film our first ever vlog. It was something I had great fun with, particularly the editing part and this year I'd like to do it a little bit more! I'm setting myself a goal of one vlog a month & seeing how we get on with that. Hopefully they'll be less awkward & more interesting than the first attempt though...

Find myself. Towards the latter end of 2014 I made some significant changes to myself, including finally tackling my cystic acne, embracing my natural hair & putting a little bit more effort into my appearance (whilst at work anyway...pyjamas are still daily wear at home). I'd like to continue this throughout 2015, including actually buying myself some new clothes, getting my running shoes back on (which slipped when I went back to work) and eating a little be more consciously.

Then there's the little things... Get all the cars on the app, Cars: Fast As Lightning. Make a lemon migraine pie. Get a hair cut. De-clutter & deep clean the house. Update the photos on our photo wall. Update our About Us page. Become familiar with our slow cooker. Get out for more long walks. Attend Britmums Live. Do some more crafty things with John. Give blood routinely.
Do you set New Year Resolutions? What do you want to achieve in 2015?


Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 on Diddle Diddle Dumpling

The start of 2014 we were still freshly a family of four. We managed one of our first day trips, which although wasn't picture perfect, was an achievement in itself. January also marked the official start of potty training; something I totally wasn't prepared for. Best of all, we celebrated John turning 2 with a fantastic Mickey Mouse party!

By February I had started work on my New Years Resolutions and shifted away from the Auto settings on my camera. I'm glad to say they I haven't resorted back to them, although I'm still very much learning. I also talked about tandem nursing for the first time on Diddle Diddle Dumpling.

We ventured out once more & did a day out of the Museum of Flight. It was also getting a little warmer so we started getting out more, including for breakfast on the Prom.

A busy month where I used my camera an awful lot! From Papa's Nawr to Spring Saturday's, lots of memories were captured. Then there was Easter when the Easter bunny came round & left the boys an egg hunt. Questioning of when we'd be weaning David also started and David & I got into the routine of Johns nursery days. Best of all, we were shortlisted in the Brilliance In Blogging Awards!


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