Friday, 28 June 2013

20 Weeks Bump.

Half way. Half way there, half way done. Half way to finally meeting this little human that's slowly growing inside of me.

This week nesting has started to take over. I've tidied my self up (hair cut, eyebrows, nails...), become obsessed with decorating our bedrooms, cleaning the rooms in our flat one-by-one, started re-doing the design on this blog and even organising the cupboards & filing at work. I say nesting but the truth is, it's really an attempt to keep myself busy.

On Tuesday we will have our 20 week scan. Just like before the 12 week scan, I find myself getting irrationally nervous. What if something isn't right? What if there's a problem with the baby? What if we decide to find out the gender and I'm disappointed with the answer? I know all these things are highly unlikely (particularly the latter) but I'm a hormonal woman so they all become a huge possibility!

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