Monday, 1 July 2013

A Typical Weekend.

A typical weekend for us consists of lots of Daddy-John time and day trips as a family, often visiting other family in-between. This weekend was no different. Unfortunately John woke up in a horrible mood on Saturday morning and we assumed our plans for the day wouldn't go ahead. Thankfully after a good near-three hour nap he was a much happier chap!

We started our day with a trip to one of the local fishmongers in Musselburgh, followed by a walk around the neighbouring harbour. John had great fun walking around, holding Daddy's hand as he went. Plus he loved getting a good throw into the air -- lots of smiles and laughs as normal!

Next we stopped for lunch at Madisons where John was on his best behaviour and spent some proper time practising his spoon skills with his baked beans that came with his chicken nuggets & chips. He was so good in fact that we treated him to a new toy car for such good behaviour!

After a short drive, we spent some quality time at Grandad's (Iain's Dad) house where John had great fun playing with his new ball his Grandad had got for him and running circles around the house. And after Grandad's, we headed to Granny & Papa's (my parents) for a visit.

John & I ended up staying Saturday night at Granny & Papa's whilst Daddy had a night with his friends. John was exhausted so went to his bed fairly early, meaning I could chill out for a few hours before I hit the sack. Despite Granny & Papa's dog, Bella, being up most of the night, John & I slept right through -- a much needed rest!

Our weekend ended with a morning spent with Papa  and then shopping with Granny & Papa in the afternoon. We finally got home at tea time on Sunday when John got to spend some more time with Daddy before bath & bed, by which point is was completely burnt out.

A typical weekend in the lives of us.

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