Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Review: OXO Tot Dinner Set

For a while now I've been considering investing in some new, more grown up cutlery and plates for John as he's recently come leaps & bounds in his self-feeding and plastic forks & spoons just weren't cutting it!

I'd had my eyes on the OXO Tot range for a while after falling in love with their high chair (which was unfortunately out of our price range - boohoo!). For John I chose the Plate and Fork & Spoon Set in green.

The best part of the Plate is the removal ring, perfect for keeping food within the plate whilst little ones learn to scoop onto a spoon & stab with a fork -- no more peas all over the floor! Plus the fact it's removable not only makes for easy cleaning but also means when little ones have mastered the idea of a plate you can transform it into a normal plate.
The plate also has a rubber bottom which prevents it from running away as little ones try to catch their food. Very well thought out!

The Spoon & Fork also don't disappoint. Both feature a large curved handle with a rubber under making them the ideal shape and size for learning little hands to grip. The Fork is also a great shape and not too sharp as to cause injury. The Spoon is lovely and deep -- perfect for a good mouthful of peas or yoghurt!

Overall, I can't fault this fantastic Plate & Cutlery set and it's definitely one of my all time favourite purchases for John. He finds them very easy to use and OXO Tot really have thought this product through. If I was to mark this out of ten, it'd without a doubt be a ten!


  1. Oh i LOVE the highchair! Very expensive though!
    And i love this cutlery set! I'ma have a nosey through the website in a bit! Love this post x


    1. The highchair will always be on my "if-money-was-no-object" wishlist! In fact, I'd buy all the OXO Tot range if that was the case.

      And thank you for your feedback. I hope it assists in any future OXO Tot purchases you make.

      Amy xo


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