Friday, 30 August 2013

29 Weeks Bump.

Ouch! My arm's sore. At 29 weeks (after much thought & research, I might add) today I had my whooping cough vaccine. Like most pregnant women, I of course doubted the safety of this 'new' vaccine and spent many an hour researching the facts & figures. And the information available is conflicting to say the least - no wonder there's so many confused ladies out there!

What turned out to be the biggest deciding factor for us was John. If this baby was my first and I knew they'd be having limited contact with the world (particularly given it'll be the winter months & we'll most certainly be hibernating) I would have maybe reconsidered having the vaccine. But since we already have John, whom is an expert at bringing home every bug & illness, it made good sense to take any kind of pre-caution we could for this new little one.

However, it's not just my arm that's sore. My pelvis is also getting worse recently. Following my 28 week midwife appointment, I've been advised to see the NHS physiotherapist for SPD. This of course, sucks. Especially given the advice to rest & avoid heavy lifting - obviously impossible with a toddler! I'm just hoping that SPD doesn't take a similar route to Hyperemesis Gravidarum and continue to get worse - crutches aren't really that practical, you see.

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