Monday, 9 September 2013

DIY: Pinwheel Cot Mobile.

diy pinwheel cot mobile
diy pinwheel cot mobile

A pinwheel mobile was something I always planned to make for John's nursery way back when I was pregnant the first time around. I found myself ever inspired by all the beautiful creations on Etsy but grudged paying the price people were charging for something I thought I could easily create myself. Unfortunately time ran out and my pinwheel mobile plans never came together.

diy pinwheel cot mobile supplies
Wool // Wallpaper Samples // Beads // Needle-Craft Ring // Coloured Card

Prep: Glue your wallpaper samples onto the card (or simply use patterned card - whatever your preference).

diy pinwheel cot mobile step-by-step
Start by wrapping your wool around the inside of the needle-craft ring (1.). When you've wrapped a quarter of the ring in wool, pull a string across the middle (2.) and continue to wrap around the opposite quarter - this will be the centre strings from which the pinwheels hang. Once the opposite quarter is cover, once again stretch a string across the middle, overlapping the existing middle string (3.) to create a cross. Continue to wrap the ring around the remaining quarters and secure at the end with a little glue (4.).

diy pinwheel cot mobile step-by-step
Next up it's time to make the pinwheels. Start by cutting a piece of your card into a square and drawing a line from corner to corner across the centre to create a cross (1.).  Cut half way up each line (2.). Gently curl in each point around the pinwheel (3.) and you should see the obvious pinwheel shape taking place. Finally, secure with a little glue and using a needle, pull your wool through the centre of the pinwheel with a bead already threaded through to secure the inner corners of the pinwheel into place (4.).

diy pinwheel cot mobile

I decided on 5 pinwheels for my mobile but you can add more or less depending on the size of your needle-craft ring. The final thing to do is tie your pinwheels to the wool across your prepared needle-craft ring and hang right above your little ones cot.

diy pinwheel cot mobile

So what do you think?
Be sure to send me pictures if you try your hand at making your own Pinwheel Cot Mobile!

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  1. Thanks Firtha! Pretty happy with the result - just hope the baby likes it too.

  2. This is just adorable! Thanks for sharing at the Mumsnet linky.


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