Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hospital Visit #3

Ladies, a word from the wise. Just because you've had one pleasurable experience with pregnancy, this is by no means an indication as to how consecutive pregnancies will be.

When I was pregnant with John, aside from some bearable morning sickness at the beginning, it was a wonderful experience. Some would even say I "bloomed".  Second time around? I couldn't be further away from blooming! Between Hyperemsis, SPD and now major shortness of breath, I've become the reason some woman swear against ever choosing to be pregnant.

As our Instagram followers will know, on Tuesday night, just as I was getting settled for bed, I suddenly couldn't catch my breath. Every time I lay down to sleep I found myself gasping & coughing for air. My first thought was that with the combination of a growing baby & a big dinner, my lungs were simply running out of room. But by the morning, having barely slept a wink, I was starting to get a bit concerned.

I headed to my GP at 10am only to end up being referred to the hospital. The concern? A blood clot in my lungs. Grrrrreat. Having already attended the hospital twice previously due to Hyperemesis, I knew my plans for the day were well and truly over, so I packed a sandwich in my handbag, grabbed my maternity notes and headed to Triage. Thankfully Iain was able to get away from work to watch John so I found myself hooked up to fetal heart rate monitors (labour flashback inducing!), in a pokey wee room by myself, with only the midwife and doctors who occasionally popped in to talk to.

To cut a long day short; after ECGs, X-rays, blood tests & various other tests that I'm not really 100% were for, the decision was made that it was unlikely my shortness of breath was caused by a blood clot. The most likely cause being the start of an infection (although not yet obvious in blood results) or simply my organs being squished by baby. I was given the option of stay over night (now nearly 5pm) and be checked by the doctors in the morning, or go home and visit my GP to have my chest checked again by them. I chose home.

So, after a much more comfortable nights sleep, this morning I headed back to my GP. And after even more checks, it was decided that infection was also an unlikely cause and that my chest was sounding pretty clear. One thing my GP did find though was that my iron levels were that of anaemic, which in itself can cause shortness of breath. The prognosis? Start iron tablets, take it easy and come back if things worsen.

I'm now 34 weeks pregnant and my latest goal in life is to avoid hospital for the next 6 weeks, until it's time for labour. Do-able, right? Here's hoping!

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