Friday, 2 May 2014


Mummy's phone = "MINE!"
"Mine! Miiiiiine!" Fine! Take it! You little... And breathe... Definitely one of my lesser favourite parts of having a toddler - The Mine Phase. Gone is the little boy who gives him Mummy his first & last sweetie, that is happy to pile all his cars onto his doting little brother, that would ask for help in the simple tasks like getting dressed... Now though?

Now not only is his food "MINE!" but my food is his too, even if he doesn't like it, isn't hungry or has the exact same thing on his plate. Now his cars are only "MINE!", so is all of David's own toys and all the toys at play group & nursery - even the ones he hasn't seen before are obviously "MINE!" because y'know, they're in the same room as him. Now helping him get dressed his met with a "MINE!" because I touched his socks, "MINE!" because I glanced at his shoes and a "MINE!" because I was alive near his jacket. You get the idea... Someone tell me it doesn't last forever?

Some recent favourite "MINE!" scenarios have been...

• Seeing Dylan (from Two Little Dickie Birds) on Instagram, wearing the same AC/DC t-shirt as him & saying, "Don's t-shirt?! MINE!" Because obviously, Dylan came & raided his wardrobe, despite the fact he had his one on...

• Stealing burnt popcorn that I was actually in the process of putting into the bin and then exclaiming, "MINE!" It's ok, son, you can have that, I really don't mind.

• Taking my phone the moment it's unattended, going into his Mickey Mouse app, sweetly asking for help when he realises he doesn't know how to open the bit he wants, then snatching it & screeching, "MINE!" the second it's on the part he wants. Your welcome, son. Now give me my bloody phone back you ungrateful...

This sums up John's view of the world at present pretty well...
• • •
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  1. I think the Mine phase has to be one of the worst parts of parenting. Nightmare. Hate it!!! I hope it's over soon for you x

  2. The mine phase is such a headache! Luckily the twins are past it but my youngest is still to hit it...

    1. I'm glad we'll get a bit of break between the boys having this phase. Not idea how you could have coped with twins going through it at at the same time! xo


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